Perfect place to crash after a day of partying hard!

Book now, pay later (Payment plan available)

For a very limited number of packages in our shop we offer a payment plan option. This means we are giving you the option to book now and pay in instalments. Payment can be divided into maximum of 2 instalments and you have to pay the first instalment upon booking.

Please note:

- Hostel packages are the only type of a shared accommodation, but also offers private dormitory rooms and apartments
- Best deal for the price (includes air conditioning, swimming pool, breakfast, WiFi,...)
- All current prices of packages include a regular festival ticket
- Already have a festival ticket? No problem, you can remove it from the package at STEP 2 of the booking.


In case you need assistance, please contact us via our live support chat, email or Facebook message.

Take 5, 7 or 10 days off

5 nights stay = 2. - 7. July 2017 (SOLD OUT for Hostel Moon Rocks)

7 nights stay = 1. - 8. July 2017

10 nights stay = 1. - 11. July 2017 (SOLD OUT for Hostel Moon Rocks)


Festival Ticket gives you access to all festival days according to the official Hard Island Croatia 2017 event program (3 - 6 July 2017).

Already have a festival ticket? No problem, you can deduct it from the price at STEP 2 of the booking.

VIP? (SOLD OUT) Upgrade to VIP is available at STEP 2 of the booking process and gives you access to extra dancing space, VIP-only bars and toilets, better view on the stage and faster movement at the venue. Notice: Upgrading your festival ticket to VIP within this offer will be available until VIP is sold out or until all beds in the hostels are sold out.

Local bus? Local bus is available at STEP 2 of the booking process and is the cheapest form of local transportation and it is especially convenient due to many bus stops in and around the town, including Zrce beach. The buses drive frequently between 8:00 and 22:00 and NON STOP between 22:00 and 6:00. There is a break between 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning. During that period only taxi transport is available.


Staying at Hostel Moon Rocks

    • What we guarantee: You will be staying in the lovely Hostel Moon Rocks and have access to a brand new swimming pool with a grill bar, while you will also be able to get some cheap and fast meals at the hostel restaurant (Free breakfast every day is included in the price). All rooms and apartments are air conditioned and the hostel offers free WiFi (ask for the password at the reception).

  • Accommodations types:
    • ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT: 1x double bed, 2x big foldable sofa bed for 2, 2x bathroom, TV, kitchen with fridge, balcony
    • TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT: 2x double bed, 1x big foldable sofa bed for 2, 2x bathroom, TV, kitchen with fridge, balcony
    • 4 PERSON DORMITORY ROOM: 2x bunk bed, bathroom, fridge, terrace/balcony
    • 5 PERSON DORMITORY ROOM: 2x bunk bed, 1x single bed, bathroom, fridge, terrace
    • 6 PERSON DORMITORY ROOM: 3x bunk bed, 1x single bed, shared or private bathroom, fridge, balcony
    • 8 PERSON DORMITORY ROOM: 2x bunk bed, 1x single bed, 2x bathroom, fridge, terrace

  • Where is Moon Rocks located?

Hostel Moon Rocks is located 1 km away from the main intercity bus station, as well as from the main Novalja bus station at the roundabout where you can take the local bus to Zrce beach. Nearest supermarket (Plodine) is only 400 m away.

  • Availability

One and two bedroom apartment in Hostel Moon Rocks is ideally available for groups of 6 (Private).
Bed in a dormitory room in Hostel Moon Rocks is available for groups of 5-8 person (Private).
Bed in a shared dormitory room in Hostel Moon Rocks is available for groups of 1-3 person (Shared).

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